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Brochure Library

We at Megasafe love what we do and we love the product we sell and service. For you internet researchers, insurance companies, Megasafe clients and safe aficionados, here is a compilation of safe manufacturers, past and present. All rights are reserved for each respective manufacturer. Enjoy!


Super Fortress TRTL 30×6 Brochure

American Security (Amsec) Full 2013 Catalog

Atlas UL TRTL 30×6 Brochure


Bernardini International Gem Vault TRTL30x6 Brochure

Bernardini International Jewel Vault UL TL30 & Gem Vault UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Bernardini International Dual Vault UL TL15 Brochure

Bernardini International Jewel Vault UL TL30 Brochure

Bernardini International Dual Vault Brochure

Bischoff Golf UL TL15 Brochure

Bischoff Laser UL TRTL15x6 Brochure

Bischoff Robust UL TL30 Brochure

Bischoff Summit TRTL30x6 High Security Safes Brochure


Chatwood-Milner Monarch Brochure

Chubb Sovereign- The Best Safe in the World Brochure

Chubb Bankers Treasury Brochure

Chubb Bankers Treasury- Beige Safe Brochure

Chubb Commerce EDR Explosive Drill Resistant Safe Brochure

Chubb Bulletin 306 UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Chubb UL TL15 and UL TL30 Safes Brochure

Ulysses Safes by Chubb Brochure

Cox Treasury Safe Brochure

Cox Bankers Jewelry and Cash Safes Brochure

Cox Pacific Jewelry and Cash Safes Brochure

Cox Atlantic Jewelry and Cash Safes Brochure


Fichet Bauche Bastille Diamond UL TRTL30x6 Safes Brochure

Fichet Bauche GC68 Bankers Quality Safe Brochure

Fichet Bauche Chambord Safe UL TRTL15x6 Brochure

Fichet Chatel UL TL30x6 Brochure

Fichet Bauche Biltmore UL TL30 High Security Safes Brochure

Fichet Bauche Defiant UL TL15 Brochure

Fichet Bauche Omega UL Class M Vault Door Brochure

Fichet Bauche Omega UL Class 1 One Inch Vault Door Brochure

Fichet Omega UL Class 2 Two Inch Vault Door Brochure


Gardall Full Catalog

Gary Safe Brochure

Giant Diamond TRTL 30×6 Brochure

Giant Jewelers TL 30 Brochure

Giant Security Colossus Brochure

Giant Security Safe Range Brochure


Masada H-Series TRTL 30×6 Brochure

Hamilton TRTL-Chests TRTL30 – TRTL30x6 Brochure

Hamilton Composite Chests TL15 & TL30 Brochure

Hamilton Steel Chests TL15 & TL30 Brochure

Hamilton Depositories Brochure

Hamilton Lockers Brochure

Hamilton Under-Counter Brochure

Hamilton Safe Deposit Box Brochure

Hamilton Legacy VD Class 123 Brochure

Hamilton Montgomery VD Class 123 Brochure

Jewel Vault – Gem Vault TL-30 & TRTL 30×6 Brochure

Hayman Safe Full Catalog

Super CashGard TL 30 Brochure

CashGard TL 30 Brochure

Insulated Money TL 30 Brochure

Depository TL 30 Brochure

Encased TL 15 Brochure

Unencased TL 15 Brochure

Record Money Depository TL 15 Brochure

TreasureGard Brochure

Money Chest Brochure

Collectors Money Chest Brochure

Fire Resistant Brochure

Insulated Files Brochure

Executive Brochure

Herring-Hall-Marvin Computer Brochure

Vault Doors Brochure


GemVault TRTL 30×6 Brochure

Fortress V8 TL 30 Brochure

Jewel Vault TL 30 Brochure

Euro Vault TL 15 Brochure

Dual Vault TL 15 Brochure

Dual Vault Brochure

ISM Super Diamond UL-TXTL60 Brochure

ISM Super Platinum UL TRTL60x6 Brochure

ISM Diamond Vault UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

ISM Treasury UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

ISM Super Treasury UL TRTL30x6 – Series One Brochure

ISM Super Treasury UL TRTL30x6 – Series Two Brochure

ISM Jewelers UL TRTL15x6 Brochure

ISM Jewelers MK-Vll Brochure

ISM Bankers Safe UL TRTL15x6 Brochure

ISM Ultra Vault UL TL30x6 Brochure AA

ISM Cash Vault UL TL30 Brochure

ISM Cash Vault SL-2 UL TL30 Brochure

ISM Jewel Guard MK-3 UL TL30 Brochure

ISM Jewel Guard MK-ll UL TL30 Brochure

ISM Spartan 2000 UL TL30 Brochure

ISM Advantage MK-ll UL TL15 Brochure

ISM 2 Inch Vault Door Brochure

ISM UL Class 1 Vault Door Brochure

ISM UL Class 2 Vault Door Brochure


Kaso Gem MK-ll UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Kaso Sterling MK-ll UL TRTL15x6 Brochure

Treasury MK-ll UL TL30 High Security Safe Brochure

Kaso Centennial UL TL30 Brochure

Kaso Bullion MK-ll UL TL15 Brochure

Knight IMC TL 30 Brochure

Knight Class F TL 30 Brochure

Knight Class ER TL 15 Brochure

Knight Economy Brochure

Knight Mercantile VD Brochure


Lord EDF 90 Explosive Drill and Force Resistant Safes Brochure

Lord AA 90 Anti-Arc Safes Brochure

Lord 20 Series Safes Brochure


Money Safes TL 30 Brochure

Super Market TL15 Brochure

Money Safes TL 15 Brochure

Market TL 15 Brochure

Major Class 350 Brochure

Major Chests Brochure

Major Depositories Brochure

Major Wall Safes Brochure

Masada H-Series Hadaikan UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Masada ISD 2470 Brochure

Megasafe Treasury UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Megasafe JewelerX6 UL TL30x6 Brochure

Megasafe Infiniti Fortress UL TL30 and UL TL15x6 Brochure

Megasafe Infinity TRTL30x6 Brochure

Megasafe Jewelers TL-30 Brochure

Megasafe Jewelers TL-30 Old Brochure

Megasafe Infinity TL-15 Brochure

Megasafe Infinity Protector Brochure

Loracani TL 30 Brochure

Advanced Protector TL 15 Brochure

Mutual Dual Protector Brochure



Rosengrens 8036 Series High Security Safes Brochure

Rosengrens Banker Safe Brochure

Rosengrens BR24 Jupiter Safes Brochure


Securifort_PC-558-R1_TRTL-30×6 Brochure

Securifort_CS-L63_TL-30×6 Brochure

Securifort_PC-773-R1_TL-30 Brochure

Securifort_PC-574_TL-30 Brochure

Securifort CS-L15 TL15 Brochure

Securifort_PC-772-R1_TL-15 Brochure

Securifort_PC-454_TL-15 Brochure

Securifort_PC-686 Brochure

Securifort_PC-685 Brochure

Securifort_Perfecto_Class-2 Brochure

Securifort_PC-413 Brochure

Securifort_PC-413-K Brochure

Securifort_PC-413-C(1) Brochure

Securifort_Rotary-Hopper Brochure

Securifort_ROT-B321419CC Brochure

Securifort_ROT-B271419 Brochure

Securifort_ROT-B201419 Brochure

Securifort_FL-B321419CC Brochure

Securifort_FL-B271419 Brochure

Securifort_FL-B201419 Brochure

Securifort_FS-C121516 Brochure

Securifort_FS-C121516-SLOT Brochure

Securifort_FS-C080812 Brochure

Securifort_FS-C080812-slot Brochure

SLS Gem Anti-Lance TXTL-60 High Security Safes Brochure

SLS 7500+ Money and Jewellery Safe Brochure

SLS Bankers Anti Arc & Treasury Anti Arc Brochure

SLS Cash and Jewelry Safes Brochure

SLS Cash Safes 2500 Range Brochure

SLS Cash Safes 5000 Range Brochure

SLS Challenger Range UL TRTL 15×6 Brochure

SLS Columbia Mark ll UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

SLS Continental Mark lV UL TL30 Brochure

SLS International Mark lV UL TL15 Brochure

SLS Treasury UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Soltam Excalibur UL TRTL60x6 Brochure

Steelage Fire and Burglary Resistant UL TL30 Brochure

SX Anti-Blowtorch Mark ll & Sterling Mark lll Brochure


John Tann Diamond Safe Brochure

Tann Super Fortress Safe Brochure

Tann Fortress Safe Brochure

Tann Jewelers Safes Brochure

Tann X6 Mini Vault UL TRTL30x6 Brochure

Tann Jewelers Safe Mark lX Brochure

Tann TRTL30x6 Plus Brochure

Tann TRTL30x6 Lightweight Plus Brochure

Tann Super Treasury TST/ Jewelers Treasury TBT/ Super Fortress TSB Brochure

Tann Intersec Krona V3 Brochure

Tann Intersec Nordic Mini Vault UL TRTL30 Brochure

Tann Intersec Nordic Safe UL TRTL30

Tann Fortress UL TRTL15x6 Plus Brochure

Tann Regency UL TL30 Brochure

Tann Intersec Tudor Safe Brochure

Tann Intersec Cashier Safe UL TL15 Brochure

Tann XL MK ll Bookroom & Standard Quality MK ll Doors Brochure