ISM Super Treasury UL TRTL30x6 Model - 3328/18

ISM Super Treasury UL TRTL30x6 Model - 3328/18
ISM Super Treasury UL TRTL30x6 Model - 3328/18
Product Code: 4521/20
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Product Code: 4521/20

Condition: Pre-Owned in Premium Condition

​Rating: UL TRTL-30x6

Equipped with 2 shelves

Super strong, six-sided protectionagainst concentrated attacks with mechanical and electrical tools and oxy-acetylene torches.

Special Features: 2 hour, 350°​ F factory fire rating.

Body & Door: Multi-layered structure that combines outer and inner steel plates, reinforced steel bars and a monolithic casting of Alchronite, ISM's patented torch and drill resistant composite material, embeddinga layer of ISM's patented anti-penetration alloy grid.

Bolts & Locking Mechanisms: Three-way active boltwork. Double-action locking mechanism. Glass plate relocking protection for all locks.

Locks: Two UL approved locks. Mechanical or electronic combination lock and a high security key lock.

Interior Fitting: Adjustable removable shelves. A hole at the back of the safe for alarm system connection - optional.

  • ​Glass Plate Relocking Protection​
  • Multi-layered Structure
  • Reinforced Bolt Cylinders
  • Bolts Engagement
  • Special Alloy Grid
  • Double Locking


Model Inside Dimensions
Outside Dimensions
Capacity Total
H W D H W D Cu. ft. Cu. In.
3328/18 33 28 18 42 36½ 31¾ 9.6 16,632 2,900 Contact Us

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