About Us


As business and our environments become more complex high security requirements also become more of a necessity. The best security for any business is that Megasafe's high security safes, vaults or vault doors protect your valuable merchandise, cash and documents.

Megasafe's success in the industry is a combination
of many factors including:

  • Innovative and superb product lines
  • Competitive prices
  • Consistent development in advanced designs, materials, products and locking mechanisms.
  • Our commitment to providing maximum security
  • Guaranteed and dependable warranty and after sales services

Megasafe recently launched its unique Modular Vault Concept, a lightweight, interlocking system that can be utilized anywhere - even at the top of high-rise buildings.

Clients include major banks, financial institutions, the defense industries, diamond dealers, jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, homeowners, and a wide range of commercial and industrial enterprises.



Megasafe's legacy began in 1914 and has enjoyed an internationally recognized reputation for quality and service in the security industry ever since. In 1979 the company began to develop new products, revolutionary materials, new techniques, and opening new markets. Since then Megasafe has annually increased its domestic market share while developing networks on an international level.

As a company founded to introduce new ideas to the market, Megasafe invests heavily in research and development. Megasafe recently launched innovative Modular Vault Concept.

From humble beginnings at the start of the century, Megasafe continues to be a leader in the security industry now and into the next millennium.

130 Allen Street, Netcong, NJ 07857